Land Rover OEM vs. Generic Auto Parts in Ocala, FL

August 5th, 2019 by


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Land Rover auto parts installation service available at our Land Rover dealership in Ocala, FL.

Land Rover OEM vs. Generic Auto Parts in Ocala, FL

There’s Nothing Like The Original

When your Land Rover needs auto repair, particularly a part replaced, you have a critical choice to make. You can opt to replace the faulty part with a generic aftermarket version, or you can safely replace it with an OEM Land Rover part at our car dealership in Ocala. With that in mind, how do OEM and generic aftermarket parts differ?

OEM is an acronym for Original Equipment Manufacturer. Technically, every part on a brand-new Land Rover fresh from the factory is an OEM part. This is because every part of the Land Rover was designed to be there. With that logic, almost every vehicle on the road is primarily made of OEM parts, which is why they’re all running smoothly.

To contrast, a generic or aftermarket part has been designed to work with your vehicle, but it isn’t identical to the part your vehicle initially came with. Some third-party parts are designed to work with a variety of vehicles, which implies that they may not work perfectly with your Land Rover.

Authenticity Matters

When you first bought your Land Rover from our Ocala car dealership or another like it, it was in peak condition. Everything about it was perfect, and nothing about it needed to be changed. As your vehicle has driven its way through the world, its pristine condition has been sadly tarnished. A part on it won’t work as well as it used to — possibly its alternator, air filter or struts — and you have to choose how to fix it. You have 2 options: a generic part or an OEM part from our car dealership in Ocala. What are the benefits of each?

A generic part was made after the vehicle’s production, which offers it some potential benefits. For example, the part may be cheaper. However, parts are a “you get what you pay for” product, so being cheaper isn’t necessarily a good thing. Generic parts, by a lucky coincidence, may end up working really well for your vehicle. However, without having full confidence in the part, choosing a generic one may not be worth it. Putting a generic part on your vehicle during auto repair may void your vehicle’s warranty, thus incurring hidden costs to you than just the cost of the part.

The benefits of OEM parts are simple and straightforward. An OEM part is guaranteed to work because you’re just replacing the worn version of the OEM part with a new one. Moreover, replacing faulty parts with OEM versions will keep your Land Rover’s warranty intact, giving you greater overall value than a generic part could. Lastly, you’ll never have to worry about their availability because the Land Rover Service Center at our car dealership in Ocala always keeps quality Land Rover parts stocked.

Visit Our Ocala Car Dealership

After reading this, the advantages of buying OEM parts should be crystal clear. If you need a part replaced on your Land Rover, there’s no better choice you can make than getting it done with OEM parts at Land Rover Ocala. Visit our Car Dealership in Ocala today!

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